Mesoestetic Peels Microneedling


Mesoestetic is the global leader in the medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine sector, they have been committed to the development and marketing of top-quality products right from the start, with scientifically proven results.
Their progress is linked to ongoing research and collaboration with hospitals, universities and experienced specialists from the sector as the company works closely with these to research and develop new treatments.

Mesoestetic prides itself on being the number one leader in the world for depigmentation treatments.


Microneedling is a minimally invasive technique that creates thousands of epidermal microcanals that allow substances to pass through the horny layer of the skin. Once these mini-perforations (micro channels) are created in the skin, they work to increase the absorption of topically applied products. This synergy between the needles and the solution used produces a biostimulation that multiplies the effectiveness and maximizes the results of the treatment.

Microneedling can be effectively used in many different areas of the face and body. On the scalp it slows down and improves hair loss; on the face, neckline or hands it treats hypermigrations, lack of vitality in the skin and / or flaccidity and wrinkles. On the body it treats flaccidity and lack of turgor in the arms, abdomen and legs; and fights against localized fat and cellulite in ‘saddle bags’, double chin, abdominal fat, knees and legs.Effects:

Stimulates fibroblasts and the production of elastin and collagen I and III
Activates the skin repair mechanisms
Reduces expression lines and pore size
Reduces the appearance of hypertrophic scars and stretch marks
Improves skin firmness
Stimulates the hair follicles.


Mesopeel®️ is the most advanced range of chemical peels designed for professionals requiring safe, effective, versatile, adaptable products for the purpose of providing an exponential, customised result.

Our peels include

  • Glycolic Acid; helps improve exfoliation & stimulate cell regeneration. Great for all skin types, especially moderate skin ageing.
  • Lactic Acid; stimulates production of new collagen. Great for sensitive skin / dull skin / expression lines and superficial wrinkles.
  • Salicylic Acid; provides a powerful sebum (oil) regulating effect. Indicated to reduce the size of pores & acne scarring. Effective on oily, acne-prone skin.
  • Mandelic Acid; gently & gradually penetrates the skin, it stimulates collagen & encourages skin rejuvenation allowing gentler, more gradual exfoliation. Ideal for combination / oily skin types.
  • Modified Jessner Acid; a broad-spectrum peel for treating dark spots, uneven skin tone & aging.
  • Azelan Acid; peel with anti fungal and comedolytic properties. Indicated especially for treating different stages of ace.

Melanostop tran3x Acid; depigmenting peeling with a complex formula that accelerates epidermis renewal for removal of the melanin built up on the surface. It provides a visible improvement in tone and luminosity.


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Your skin has a memory. In ten, twenty, thirty years from now, your skin will show the results of how it was treated today. So treat it kindly and with respect.